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Finding the right employer for your business

Permanent staffing is crucial to every growing business. Organizations equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the end. The requirement of permanent staff is being felt across in all industrial sectors and business entities. The need for talented and well-refined employees is required more in the IT industry where the changes occurs fast due to technological advances.

If you find yourself wading knee-deep in resumes from candidates who do not meet the requirements of your project or business, you are wasting precious time, money, and energy. Leave staffing problems to the professionals, so you can focus your energy and attention on what really matters - your core business. You can rely on our expert recruiters to find the perfect employees for you to either increase staff strength for new projects, or to replenish your employee numbers.

What we do

We help you identify the best-fit talent for roles, across various levels in your organization, in the shortest possible time. Our skilled team members will help your company embrace a brave new world. As specialists in IT and non-IT recruitment, Raywood helps you find the best technology talent for your business needs. Our expertise has built us a stellar reputation amongst our clients, because we truly get it.

None of these figures take into account the impact on lost team productivity, time spent performance managing and re-hiring, recruitment and training costs of a new worker, and the negative impact on team morale and client relationships. Eight out of ten employers prefer Raywood for hard-to-fill jobs. At Raywood, we know that successful permanent recruitment is nothing but simply perfection. We’ve spent the last 14 years perfecting our approach. We understand the importance of permanent recruitment. We understand what a difference it makes to your business when it’s done right. From defining the initial value proposition through to salary review consultations, Raywood is ready with expert advice that will reduce your risk and your costs.

Our impeccable approach to talent management means Quality, Consistency and Continuous Improvement. Whether you need a bespoke recruitment solution for a business transformation program, or a help desk supporter to start on Monday, we have a commercial model that suits your needs.

We have access to a deep pool of highly-qualified and fully-screened candidates, which enables us to provide you with the best candidates suitable for your permanent job openings at any level in the fastest turnaround time possible. With us, you can be confident that you will get the right people who will add and contribute to your business productivity from the first day of the job and also stay loyal to your company.