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Project Hiring

Also known as short term RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) or strategic recruitment, is a one where there needs of some fresh recruitment for a particular project. Here, the recruitment is done keeping the requirements of the project in mind.

Projects Recruitment services give you on-demand assistance to manage recruitment spikes, short-term recruiting projects and specialized needs - without the added overhead. Whether you need to build a sales team quickly for a new product launch or top-grade your entire engineering department, Recruitment Projects is especially beneficial for high volume needs within a defined period of time.

A Project-Based RPO generally looks at the following:

  • Shorter Implementation Period: A project-based RPO is mainly concerned about hiring employees for the particular implementation period of the project.

  • Fixed Objectives and targets: A project-based RPO does not aim at hiring employees who will help in the overall benefit of the company in the long run but ones who will be able to complete a particular project

  • Skills in the domain of the project: The ideal candidate to be selected should not only have the general attributes to become a employee of the company like technical knowledge and soft skills but should also have specific talents to execute the project.

we are hiring

Why Project Recruitment

  • Reduce backlogs and time to hire for teams.

  • Launches positions & more.

  • Control cost and reduce risk - eliminate fixed overhead and avoid redundancy costs.

  • Leverage global resources to find the right candidates - even for difficult-to-fill positions.

  • Access scalable resources - giving you added control over the project budget and schedule.

  • Enhanced talent database to fill future vacancies.

  • Better measure specific objectives and achievements

  • Create customized solutions to meet your precise needs

  • Improve your employer brand image in the market.

  • Access active, passive and hidden candidates.

  • Enhance quality of hire and candidate retention.

Complementing the Internal Project Team:- We keep in mind that the company has its existing project team with at least a few members. A project team needs people of with complementary skills. For example, for a technological project, a few members should be skilled at the hardware part while the others should have good programming skills.

So, in case of a project-based RPO, our recruiters keep in mind that the new employees to be hired should be specialized in areas which the existing employees do not have their expertise in. Thus, project-based RPO helps you to find employees for a particular project depending on the requirements of that particular project. It is done keeping the domain, existing project team and project targets in mind.