RPO ( Resource Process Outsourcing)
“ Contingent workforce solutions - flexibility and agility Is the key ”

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Raywood has an expertise of managing onsite in-sourced teams. This solution allows our clients flexibility in their staffing and headcount plans by allowing us to supplement what they do with our very own team. We work with our clients at the initial onset to ensure they are trained and monitored to their satisfaction and then from then on-wards we deliver our service solution to your fixed and budgeted service cost.

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Recruitment is a complex and detailed process where disregard for any step can cause costly challenges for the company and management. The real cost of recruitment is often far more significant than employers believe. The loss of earnings can often be one of the biggest factors, much more so than the actual advertising and staff time costs.
RPO has become much more sophisticated in last 5 years with advancements in sourcing, technology and globalization

RPO Examples

  • Wall Mart reduced 90 day turnover from 54%to 30%

  • Chubb Decreased Agency spend by 70%

  • Pepsi - Turnover in first 12 reduced from 28% to 6% for bottling plant

  • Kelloggs reduced Sourcing Costs by 47% in the first 6 months

Our recruitment solutions provide you with the flexibility to staff up or down as dictated by your recruiting needs, paying for what you actually use.

    Reduction in the cost: Contract employee will work under payroll of staffing agencies.

    At Raywood RPO, our recruiters don't work on multiple accounts. Our people sit locally, on-site or off-site in your key locations, and work only on your account. We believe this yields better results and creates more efficiency and sustainability. You'll switch to variable rather than fixed costs and benefit from increased economies of scale with productivity, stakeholder and cost measurements provided along the way.

    At Raywood RPO, we show you how to use recruiting to support your firm's business expansion goals. Our rigorous workforce planning educates your in-house team on topics such as how to engage the business with a process and methodology to anticipate growth and new product launches.

    In addition to recruiting via social media, all companies are looking to find the right talent. It's not about finding as many candidates to fill as many positions as possible; it's about making correct hiring decisions that can actually contribute to the success of the company as a whole. Employer branding has become increasingly important to attract and retain employees.